Other Creations

South West Picture Frame

"Southwest" is a frame design I originally made for an RC Gorman print. This frame is 22 inches wide by 13 3/4 inches tall made from Ambrosia figured soft Maple. The sides consist of Maple overlaid with a design of Walnut lines interrupted by a Cherry diamond. The inside frame will accomodate a 14 1/2 inch wide by 9 inch tall print and is framed with a Cherry liner. An acid free mat is included to customize the image size. The frame is finished with shellac.  



"Walnut Round" frame

"Walnut Round" is a 131/2inch round frame created from one solid 2 inch thick slab. The inner opening is 9 inches in diameter and includes acid free matting to customize the image. The frame is finished with shellac.

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