Tips for attracting birds

Here are some basic tips for attracting birds to your birdhouse.


Provide a suitable birdhouse.  Place the birdhouse about 8 to 12 feet above the ground in a spot that is away from heavy traffic but easily visible for your enjoyment.  Nesting birds need to be undisturbed while the nesting cycle takes place. The birds are more likely to nest away from other birds’ (or human) activity.  Food, water and nesting materials should be located in a separate area.

Nesting materials

Birds will mostly use twigs and leaf matter to build their nest.  You can contribute small pieces (about 4 inches long) of string, yarn or strips of cloth for them to find and take back to the nest.  I have 4 dogs at home and always find lots of dog hair interwoven with twigs in my birdhouses.  Remember to clean out the nest after each nesting season.  Most birds will not use an old nest.   


Provide a seed and/or suet feeder in the area but not beside the birdhouse.  Feeders, birdbaths and nesting materials can be placed near each other creating an activity area separate from the calmer nesting area.


A birdbath is the easiest method of providing water.  A fountain or pond with trickling stream is even better.


It may take a while for birds to find the new house.  Avoid moving the house.  Eventually they will find it!